Our aim

An Hour Ago is a collaborative news platform that lets everyone join the conversation.

We believe in freedom of speech. Whatever your opinion, whatever your political beliefs, we welcome your contribution. Don’t agree with an article you read? That’s fine – just write your own to provide an opposing view.

We believe in holding those in power to account and questioning the way society works when it is not fair. A strong democracy values constructive criticism and grows as a result.

We believe in focusing on issues that really matter: social justice, the political process, human rights. That’s why we don’t cover topics such as Bollywood gossip or the cricket scores – plenty of other websites do that already.

We believe that conversation should lead to real change. Every article ends with a call to action, with suggestions for taking each issue further.

Our audience

The An Hour Ago community are people who think for themselves and refuse to be satisfied with simple answers.

They’re curious, open, and keen to deepen their understanding of the world. They want to know what’s really going on: to understand the context behind the news stories and the complexities of our society.

They care about social justice, and believe that everyone has the right to express their opinion. They’re ready to listen respectfully to others and respond thoughtfully.

They’re idealists who believe that positive change is possible. That we can hold those in power to account, and create a fairer system. That we’re all in this together.

Join us

An Hour Ago is open to everyone. To get started, read a few of our articles. If you feel there’s something you’d like to contribute, write your own – however long or short.

Whatever your political beliefs or social background, we want to hear from you. We invite you to disagree, and to challenge us.

When you’re writing a piece, remember to:

Finally, take the ideas you find online out into the real world. Bring these issues up in the workplace, or with your friends. Share the website on social media, and encourage people you know to join in the conversation.